2018 Farm Events

Saves the dates for the 2018 Farm Event season!

AUGUST 5th- Summer Farm Dinner- with Chef Saul Bolton from The Norm in The Brooklyn Museum-                  SOLD OUT

AUGUST 15th 6-9PM- FERRAGOSTO Celebration- with Ray’s long time friends, Gustiamo!


Come join us for our first  FERRAGOSTO Celebration!!! This is a huge Italian holiday and we cannot wait to celebrate! The team from Gustiamo will be headed up to cook some authentic dishes- the best of Ray combined with the best of their products, and representing different regions of Italy. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE
Get ready for 2 pastas and a salad:
Busiate al Pesto Rosso Trapanese-the classic dish from Trapani, Sicily. Stone milled ancient grain pasta with Sicilian almonds and Ray’s tomatoes and garlic.
Caserecci al Pesto Verde Genovese-the classic dish from Genova. Pasta Gragnano with Italian pine nuts and Ray’s basil and other greens!
Insalata Pantesca -the classic dish from the small Sicilian island of Pantelleria. Ray’s potatoes, onions, and tomatoes with Sicilian capers.
*$25 including service and tax*
Also available-NYS beer and wine on tap plus some special desserts!
this will be a family friendly fun event for all!

AUGUST 18th- Closed for a Wedding

AUGUST 24th 6-10PM- Karoake and Dinner on the Farm! $20/person PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

SEPTEMBER 23rd- Fall Farm Dinner- with Chef Justin Bazdarich from Speedy Romeo- PURCHASE TICKETS HERE 

SEPTEMBER 2nd 12-3PM- My Lucky Noodle at the Farm! PURCHASE TICKETS HERE


Come enjoy a special Pan Asian feast on the farm. All farm fresh ingredients incorporated in this meal from the bone broth to the dumpling filling! 

Assorted Dim Sum – Dumplings, Spring Rolls, and Won-Tons Pork, Vegetables, Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan plus a Noodle Bowl – Choice of Traditional Pork Based Ramen with Spicy Miso Broth, Roasted Pork Belly, Scallions, Bitter Greens, Soy Sauce marinated Boiled egg 
Vegan Malaysian Style Noodles with Coconut-Lemon Grass Broth Thai Basil, Cilantro, and Kaffir Lime, Curry Brined Tofu

**$25/ticket** including tax and service

Plus we will have dessert ($5), beer ($7), wine ($8) on tap!

OCTOBER 7th- 12-4PM Join us for a fun afternoon of delicious seafood made by Chef John Vargo from Hudson Valley Seafood! For $20/plate you will get 

3 bluepoints oysters on the half shell with garden mignonette
3 Rockefeller oysters with a nice fennel glaze with warm spinach and bacon salad
3 fried oysters over a creamy slaw with homemade hot sauce and a roll 
If you don’t like oysters don’t worry! We have a maple cured smoked Wester Ross Organic Scottish salmon with fall root vegetables and celeriac apple sauce! 

Desserts, NYS beer, wine and cider available for extra!! Get your tickets now – we will sell out.