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How many ways can we say thank you to so many…

Kuddos to our guest chefs

What a summer it has been for our farm dinners. We are so grateful to each and every chef who participated, who went above and beyond - prepping parts of the meal in their own kitchens, diligently driving the feast up,  coming early, staying late, enlisting  families and friends. They put the finishing touches at the farm kitchen with a smile, love for their craft, for the farm, and for the happy diners who greet them with standing ovations like the rock stars they are.

To Chefs Ralph Scarmadella and John Deloach, Chef Justin Bazdarich and wonderful wild card Dan Churchill, Chef Saul Bolton and Chef Josh Cohen, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and stomachs. We dream of encore performances to come. Ray will name a row after each of you for sure.


Kuddos to our guests

Whether you walked across the road, made the trek up from NYC, have been coming for one year or 5, we cannot say enough to those who came and enjoyed the dinners this year. Everyone is so good natured, no one complains (almost), no one asks for salt on the table, and suddenly everyone wants a bread basket so they can soak up every flavor. You appreciate what Ray grows, you appreciate what the chefs create, and you take it all in, literally and figuratively, many of you,over and over again. You tell your friends, and before long, they bring their families. We cannot thank you enough for selling out every single dinner, and keeping no chair empty.


Kevin Zraly and Daniel Johnnes
For 5 years we have held dinners and for 5 years you never hesitate to say “yes, count me in.”  Please keep saying yes, everyone love and appreciates you both. Although we also love our newbies, Nick Bill and  Edouard Bourgeois, there is nothing like men of a certain age.


Our volunteers Don and Lulu are only 2 of the steady, dedicated volunteers who keep coming up for the experience of helping out. Jody, John, Risa, Mary, Lisa,Holly,Gina, Linda, whether you are serving, prepping, schlepping, washing or breaking dishes, we could not do any of this without you. Thanks for all the hard work and fun. We are looking forward to our volunteer appreciation dinner in September!




Anne Watkins

For 5 years and 15 dinners, you have made sure that our menus are painted as wonderfully as only you can do. You do each and every one one of our meals justice.

Pull Brewing



Five years of dinners and you never missed one. We cannot wait to start selling your beer and serving it everywhere including the future farm dinners!




xoxo xoxo xoxo, Ray